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Minor Collision Repair

Driving a car fluently can be a risky business now. It doesn’t matter how careful you have been; there will be times that you will face major or minor exterior damage. You must be a extremly lucky driver if your car does not have a significant or minor collision mark on it. But again, you are not a bad driver if your car has one or two minor collision marks in its body.

What determines the collision is major or minor is the impact of the damage. Is it just the exterior body panels? Or the initial structure of the car? Minor collisions mean that the structure of the car is intact, just the exterior has been damaged. Any exterior difficulties that did not compromise the vehicle’s interior are minor collisions, and Encore Paintless Dent Repair can easily handle them.

At Encore PDR we can handle almost all exterior work. From Paintless Dent Repair to Car Bumper Repair, Paint touch-up repair to buffing the car to pristine condition, we do it all. Our expert technicians is experienced and knows what they are doing. So if your car faced an unfortunate accident and needs minor collision repair, we are the ones you need to call.

Minor Collision Repair
Minor Collision Repair in Conway AR

Encore PDR is based in Conway, AR. We have been in the business for quite a time and have several loyal and has a huge satisfied customer base. So if you are a fortunate resident of this beautiful city and need any minor collision repair to feel free to give us a call, you can drive to us, or if you can’t wait for any reasons, we can go to your aid.

We also provide our services to some of the neighboring cities of Conway, Arkansas. In addition, you can get our service from Mayflower, Greenbrier, Wooster, Vilonia, and Little Rock, Arkansas. We provide mobile services as well to these cities, so don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to check out your issue.

What we provide:

We provide every kind of minor collision repair, you name it, and we are on it. Here is a quick view of our service list:

Paintless Dent Repair:

PDR is a modern-day marvel. We at Encore PDR believe that any dent is mendable with a bit of effort. So if you have a dent in your vehicle exterior, we are pretty sure that we can fix that and will do it without damaging your paint.

Bumper Repair:

Bumpers are the frontline soldier of your car. They are sure to face significant and minor collisions on the road. We at EPDR handle bumper repairs as well. So call us in your bumper aid without hesitation.

Touch Up Paint Repair:

The best thing about a car’s exterior is its paint job. Unfortunately, a simple scratch can lose a car’s resale value by hundreds. And we know how important it is for an owner to have a dent and scratch-free car aesthetic. So without getting a paint job for the whole body, we at Encore PDR offer touch-up paint repair. Touch-up paint repair can easily omit any minor scratch and hide dents with ease.

Door Dent Repair:

Door dents are public enemy no. 1 of car owners. How much careful you stay, it is pretty standard you will have a dented door once in your lifetime. Expert technicians of Encore Paintless Dent Repair will handle your dented doors as well.

Scratch Repair:

If you have a collision on the road, you may be lucky and not get a dent on your favorite ride. But you can’t be saved from scratch. Scratches are the worst for cars and way down their market value.

We can solve your body scratch issues too. Just let us know where to come.

Mobile Support:

Encore PDR does all the services mentioned above mobility as well. This means that if it is needed, we are ready to drive to your place. Just call us and make an appointment. Our expert technician will reach you in no time.

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