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Little Rock, AR

Encore Paintless Dent Repair can be found in everyone’s favorite Little Rock as well. We have been in the car exterior business for quite a while and worked on many projects in Little rock too. Here is a list of our services you can get in little rock:

Paintless Dent Repairs:

P.D.R. is a magical way to get dents out of your vehicle. This procedure does not just cover the dent with paint or other materials; rather, it eliminates the dent from the vehicle’s surface. Encore’s primary function is paintless dent removal. We have a team of technicians dedicated to providing the best possible P.D.R.s.

Dent Repair in Little Rock, AR
Encore Paintless Dent Repair

Door Dents:

City residents are all too familiar with door dents. Any vehicle seems to have a dented door at some point during its lifetime. As the dents are easy to get, they are easy to remove too. The door dents are pretty easy to repair while the panel is still intact. If you have a car with a dented door frame, please let us know. We’ll be able to look at it and get it back to where it was before.

Minor Collision Repair:

Anything from a dented bumper to a scratched bonnet is a result of a minor collision. If the damage is just in the exterior and not the structure, it is repairable with ease. Encore Paintless Dent Repair can quickly repair those dents and scratches from your car’s exterior and make it beautiful again.

Scratch Repair:

Scratches are the most hated in the car community. Nobody likes to get their beautiful paint scratched. Yet, it is so easy to get a scratch mark on your car. And repainting the whole can make holes in your pocket too. So the easiest thing is to repair those scratches. Encore P.D.R.s have expert technicians who can remove the tiniest of scratches. So keep calm and let us handle the scratches on your car.

Hair Damage Repair:

Hail-damaged cars are the saddest thing to look at from our perspective. So, we handle our hail damage projects with extra care. Our technicians will work heart and soul until your car has no dent left. And all of this will be done without harming the paint. This is the fun of P.D.R.s.

Touch Up Paint Repair:

Touch-up paint repair is one of the ways to remove scratches. Though touch-up paint repair is not the ideal solution, it will do the work fine. You will not be able to tell that there was a scratch under it. Our expert technicians at Encore P.D.R. will make sure to hide those scratches and make them look effortless.

Car Buffing:

Car buffing is a process to remove light scratch marks and oxidation from the car exterior. In addition, good buffing can help correct paint flaws. We are experienced in car buffing as well.

We use high-speed and orbital buffers for our buffing process. You will be amazed to see your favorite vehicle after we are done with it.

Bumper Repair:

When the car is in motion, the bumpers are the first thing to collide in case of accidents.
Since bumpers are used to protect the car’s frame, they are often impacted.
Bumper repair is also possible from Encore P.D.R.
Our service personnel is fast and skilled at restoring dented bumpers to their original condition.
It’ll be as if the ding never existed in the first place.

Mobile Dent Repair:

Encore P.D.R. takes house calls seriously. We will deal with your most minor of the issues with our utmost priority. We will travel anywhere in Little Rock and provide you with the best service we have to offer.

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