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Car Buffing


Hey, are you a resident of Arkansas? And your car lost its shine? Have you considered buffing your car? We Encore Paintless Dent Repair are a car exterior workshop based in Conway, AR. And we are experts in any vehicle exterior works, including Car buffing. We run our operation from Conway, but you can get our service from Wooster, Mayflower, Little Rock, Vilona, and Greenbrier. With modern-day technology and precision tools, no exterior work is too big for our expert technicians.

Car Buffing in Vilonia AR
Car Buffing in Conway Arkansas

What is Car Buffing?

This is the first question that comes to people’s minds. Car buffing is a process to remove light scratch marks and oxidation from the car exterior. Car paints are generally glossy, and exposure to some elements can cost them to get scratched or rusted. Also, buffing can help to correct paint flaws as well.

Is Buffing a Car Harmful?

Too much of everything is terrible. This is also true for car buffing. Buffing your car too much or frequently can harm your body paint.

Car paint contains a layer of coating that can be cut away by buffing. And there is a limited amount of that coating, so too much buffing can omit it. So to maintain that paint-saving coat, you should not buff too often, but once in 12/15 months could help you to smooth out those scratches.

How Often Should I Buff my Car?

Car buffing generally depends on the condition of the vehicle and the owner. Not every car drives the same road or environment. If you think your car is not shining as it should or has scratches, you should consider it buffing.

We at Encore PDR recommend buffing your car at least once a year. That will help your car lose minor scratches as well as keep the intact shining.

How We Buff Cars At Encore PDR?

Encore PDR tackles any car exterior issues with the same energy. We are experienced in car buffing as well. There are a couple of ways to buff your car. We at EPDR use the high-speed buffing method. We use high-speed and orbital buffers for our buffing process.

High-Speed buffers help us to tackle those stubborn deep scratches and take your car back to its shiny, beautiful stage. You will be amazed to see your favorite vehicle after we are done with it.

Although consumer buffers are available, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could mess up your whole car’s aesthetic. So, we suggest when it comes to your car, keep trust in the experts. Encore Paintless Dent Repair is always ready to provide you any aid for your vehicle exterior.

Does Buffing a Car Remove Scratch?

The answer is yes. Car buffing can remove scratches from your car’s exterior. With the help of a buffer, buffing compounds work their way through scratches. And omits them from the face of your car.

Encore PDR attends home calls as well. So if you are from the mentioned cities of Arkansas ( See here), we will be happy to visit you, buff your car, and make it shine like all new again.

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