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Bumper Repair

If your car hits an unfortunate bump on the road, what is the first thing that feels the impact? The answer is easy, your bumper. They are like the unsung heroes of the car. They can save your car from crucial damages.

Bumpers are made to save the initial structure of the vehicle. We at Encore PDR work with bumpers as well. Our expert technicians are well known for what they are doing and can handle dented plastic bumpers. And repair the bumper to its pre-collision condition. Our team will do the right thing needed for your bumper to make it look just like new.

Bumper Repair in Conway
Bumper Repair

How Bumper Repair Works?

Before knowing how bumper repair works, let’s see how they are made. Modern-day bumpers are made from reinforced plastics. Small bits of small plastic is put in molds and then melted. After cooling down, the bumpers are set free from the molds and ready to use. Bumpers use thermoplastic; they are bendable, reusable, and easily recycled. That is why they are a popular material for car bumpers. Cross-linking the plastics inside the mold results in durable bumpers.

Bumper repairs are a bit trickier than they sound because bumpers a narrower surface area to work with. But our expert technicians at Encore PDR are masters of bumper repairs. Whether you bring your bumper to us or call us to repair your bumper, we will deliver the same result everywhere. You bumper back to the new-bought stage. Do not hesitate with your bumper-related queries and let us know. We are always happy to help you. A plastic bumper repair can reliably be carried out with a bit of effort.

Why Do You Choose Encore PDR for Your Bumper Work?

Encore PDR is a renowned name in Arkansas for car exterior body works. We handle Paintless Dent Repairs, Minor Collision Repairs, Touch Up Paint Repairs, Car Buffing, Hail Repair, Door dent repair, and anybody scratches with ease with our expert battalion of technicians. We have expert technicians who are experts in repairing bumpers as well. If you are from Conway, AR, or any of the following cities (Little Rock, Mayflower, Greenbrier, Vilonia, Wooster), you can get our services. We provide mobile service as well. So you won’t have to come to us, we will find a way to reach you. Satisfaction of clients is Encore PDR’s number Uno priority. So don’t waste your time and drive with a dented bumper; call in the expert. Encore PDR is just a phone call away from you.

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