Bumper Repair

(We are talking about PLASTIC BUMPER COVERS, not the the thick metal chrome ones you find on trucks and large vehicles)

Bumpers can really look terrible if you’re involved in a minor collision. It’s does it’s purpose and saves your vehicle from more substantial damage, but you are often left with a vehicle that looks old and tired. The solution is fairly simple, but to make it look like new it’s important to do it correctly. Fortunately we have had a ton of experience doing them and we can correct the common bumper issue very quickly.

Bumpers are designed to save the initial structure of the vehicle. Encore PDR understands these structures very well. Our expert technicians are well known for the excellent results they achieve with our repair process. We can fix dented plastic bumpers and repair the bumper to its pre-collision condition. Our technicians fix it the right way and do what is needed to make your bumpers look like new again.

Don’t Wait…


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