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Owning a dent-free car can be extremely challenging. But, those minor dents & dings, bumper dents, auto hail damage can really change the way you feel about your vehicle. At Encore Paintless Dent Repair servicing Conway Arkansas, we understand customers emotional attachment to their vehicles. So we are working hard to keep your favorite ride dent-free. We offer premium paintless dent repair services for your vehicle. Whether you own your car or wanting to freshen up a lease return to save on cosmetic wear charges, we are prepared to make your baby shine again like a crazy diamond. If you have a car, SUV, or truck that has a minor dings, dents, or minor collision feel free to contact us, we will walk you through what could be done to fix it. Our entire business model is designed to save you “TIME” and “MONEY” as the “Auto Body Alternative”. 

Why Choose Encore Paintless Dent Repair?

We love vehicles and know how much they can mean to someone. We have been doing this for quite a long time Now. At Encore Paintless Dent Repair we take our job seriously. Encore Paintless Dent Repair tackles every large or small dent with the same energy. No dent is too small for us. We are well trained and focused on job at hand.

best dent repair in AR

As a paintless dent repair company we are based in Conway, Arkansas, and have many satisfied clients all over Arkansas. Our service area is quite diverse as well. You can get our service anywhere from Vilonia, AR to Little rock, AR. We are just a call away. You will be amazed to see your beloved automobile after we’ve completed our task.

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What Do We Offer?

We at Encore Paintless Dent Repair Services, of course, offer paintless dent repair for your vehicle. But offer quite a bit more as well. Here is a small briefing about the services you can get from us.

Paintless Dent Repair:

Paintless dent repair, or P.D.R. in short, is a technique of removing dents without harming the body paint of the car. And it is all possible for the modern design aspects of modern automobiles. Modern cars use flexible metals. And what these flexible metals have is memory. Then they can get back to the stage which they were supposed to be in. That, of course, with some efforts from the experts. at Encore we use many precision tools for our P.D.R. projects. Alongside those and our skillful eyes and hand, we complete our projects with success.

best paintless dent repair in AR

Mobile Dent Repair:

Encore Paintless Dent Repairs offer a mobile service. Clients’ comfort and satisfaction are our primary concern. So, we are ready to travel to the client’s place and repair their favorite vehicle. We know time can be limited for you in today’s world. So if you can’t make it to our place of your lack of time, worry not. We will come to you. We offer paintless dent repair service on mobile as well. So, don’t drive with that ugly dent on your car, call us we will come to fix it.


Bumper Repair

Bumpers are always the first thing to collide with when your car is on the move. As bumpers are used to save the car’s structure, they often take the team’s hits. We at Encore offer bumper repair as well. Our service tech is agile and A expert in repairing those dented bumpers back to their previous condition. It will be like the dent was never there.

Minor Collision Repairs:

At Encore P.D.R. we work happily on minor collisions as well. What makes the difference between minor and significant collisions is the amount of impact. If the impact only hurt the car’s outer surface, not the actual structure of the car, then it is called a minor collision. And our expert technicians can work on those minor dents which ruin your car’s aesthetic.


Encore Dent Repair in Vilonia, AR
Encore Dent Repairs

Touch Up Paint Repair:

Touch-up paint repairs minor paint damages on the body of the car. Touch-up paint is used for repairing minor dents, with broken paint scratch marks, paint scuff damages, etc. As other car exterior works, at Encore P.D.R. we work on the touch-up repairs too. Our craftsman can omit your car’s minor scratch marks with delicate touch-ups, which will make you think there are no scratches in the first place.

Car Buffing:

Your car lost that brand new like shine? Sun doesn’t reflect on it like before? Worry no more. Encore Paintless Dent Repairs got you covered as well. Here Encore PDR, we do all sorts of car buffing with precision tools and expert technicians. From minor scratches to polishing the exterior, nothing is small for us, and happy to do it. So if you think your car can need a little buffing, contact us.


Hail Damage Repair:

Hail storms can be devastating for car exteriors. It can both dent and scratch a color. If your car gets under an unlucky hail storm, it won’t have the previous pristine look it had. So we at Encore handle any hail damage. If you have a hail-damaged car, call us, and we will be there to fix it.

Door Dent Repairs:

Doors are undoubtedly the most damaged exterior part of a car. It is effortless to dent your doors. which makes it so common. A moment of ignorance can easily make a dent in your car. Sometimes it’s inevitable as well.

But you should be happy to know that door dents at encore dent repair are here today and gone in the same day. So if you have a dented door car, let us know. We will be more than happy evaluate the damage and repair it as well.


best mobile dent repair in AR

Where to Find Us:

Encore Paint Less Dent Repair or EPDR. is a car dent repair service based in Conway, Arkansas. We have been servicing the greater Conway, Arkansas area for over 13 years. But we provide services to more neighboring cities of Conway. So, if you’re a resident of those cities, always remember we are just a call away for any paint less dent repair in Conway or more.

Service areas in a nut-shell: 

We have many satisfied clients all over these areas. In addition, our expert technicians will be more than happy to provide any vehicle exterior services you will need. Call Today for a quick quote!

What Our Clients Say About Us

I was so pleased with my service with Cory and his company, Encore. I highly recommend this company.
Throughout the process of my my repair, Cory gave me updates, and delivered on time service.
Thanks again Cory

Ron Calcagni

They have done a great job on my truck!! All the dents were removed to the point that you either can’t tell they were there or have to search extremely hard to find evidence where the damage ever was. Way easier than taking vehicle into body shop and being without my vehicle for days. Give them a call. I was very impressed that dents and damage like this in the body lines was able to be removed with paintless repair. Would highly recommend to anyone and will use them in the future for all repairs.

Eric Shepherd

I was very impressed with the job. Very professional, prompt and courteous. The job was perfectly performed and the dents on my truck are completely gone. I highly recommend this company.
Freeman Collier

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